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Staying Ahead of a Storm This Hurricane Season

Aug 9, 2022
Aug 9, 2022

Staying Ahead of a Storm This Hurricane Season

How Shipt activates ahead of a storm, and advice for using same-day delivery during hurricane season

While summer is the official start of the hurricane season, the peak of storm season is typically late summer into fall. And this year, forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting above average activity in the Atlantic. In the midst of the uncertainty that a hurricane season can bring, we know people use same-day delivery for everything from stocking up early in the season to preparing ahead of a particular storm, and we’re here to help, while keeping safety our top priority.

We talked with a few Shipt Shoppers who live in areas that experience hurricanes and here’s what they had to say about preparing for storms. 

  • Shipt Shopper Aubry in Texas shared her advice on the importance of being hurricane prepared: “Get a basic hurricane kit together that includes battery operated radio, battery operated flashlight, extra batteries, snacks, first aid kit and bottled water.” All of these items are recommended in the American Red Cross’s list of emergency kit items for a hurricane survival kit and are available to purchase through numerous retailers on Shipt. 

  • Shipt Shopper Karen in Louisiana has experienced a few hurricanes while residing in the area and she encouraged getting ahead: “It’s important to be prepared and keep basics on hand all season. Don’t wait until a day or two before the storm arrives, as it’s not uncommon for stores to start running out of basics.”  - Karen, Louisiana 

  • Shipt Shopper Linda in Florida talked to us about the advice she extends to other Shipt Shoppers. “ A handcart of some sort is so valuable when you have cases and cases of water to deliver to customers.” 

At Shipt HQ, we continuously monitor the weather in all of the communities we serve, as our top priority is always the safety of Shipt Shoppers, customers and our team. If a hurricane or tropical storm is identified in one of our service areas, Shipt will send a message to customers that highlights the importance of placing orders early, shares any operational updates from our retail partners and closely communicates with Shipt Shoppers to remind them to prioritize their own safety.

For Shipt customers using our same-day delivery services to stock up, here are some tips when building an order and communicating with a Shipt Shopper: 

  • Order as early as possible to get ahead of out-of-stock items, quantity limits, high in-store traffic, early store closures and road congestion. 

  • When placing items into the virtual cart, set back-up preferences so a Shipt Shopper can best fulfill the order. 

  • Before finalizing the order, write out detailed delivery instructions so a Shipt Shopper can easily navigate the drop-off location during potentially changing weather conditions. Choose a location that’s out of the elements, which may be different from one’s usual drop-off spot. 

  • Be available an hour before and during the estimated delivery window to quickly and efficiently communicate with a Shipt Shopper about the order, substitution needs and delivery updates.

After a hurricane has passed, Shipt assesses local guidance, traffic conditions and store hours. We evaluate orders and reschedule any that weren’t delivered due to safety reasons.

We’re also committed to helping the local communities Shipt serves when they’re in need. We’re a long-time partner of the American Red Cross, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years with a focus on rebuilding and recovery efforts after natural disasters. Additionally, our commitment to the United Way earmarks funds to support disaster relief response. 

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