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Small Businesses, Big Impact: How Shipt Helps Entrepreneurs Support their Small Business Dreams

Jul 13, 2023
Jul 13, 2023

Small Businesses, Big Impact: How Shipt Helps Entrepreneurs Support their Small Business Dreams

There are more than 33.2 million small businesses in the country, making up more than 99% of all businesses nationwide. Small businesses employ almost half of American workers. These entrepreneurs and their workers contribute to our economy, culture, and communities in a major way. At Shipt, we know the value of small businesses and recognize that betting on yourself is one of the most valuable investments you can make. After all, we were once a small business that took a chance ourselves.

We know the challenges that many entrepreneurs face when starting a new business, whether it’s securing funding or filling out the right paperwork, every step builds on the last.

Shoppers and drivers with Shipt are business owners who enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that comes with being their own boss. And while some shoppers and drivers prefer building a business and growing their customer base using Shipt’s technology platform, others work with our platform to support other entrepreneurial goals. Working with Shipt gives these entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore creating more small businesses based on things they’re passionate about. 

In fact, 75% of shoppers and 84% of drivers working with Shipt have a goal of setting up another small business outside of Shipt’s platform.* 

From photographers to pastry chefs, our entrepreneurial shoppers love the flexibility of being able to determine their own schedules so they can have time to devote to their own personal passions and pursuits. Shopping with Shipt lets these entrepreneurs have more control of their finances while growing and maintaining their businesses. Our shopper-entrepreneurs contribute doubly to their families and communities and we are proud to offer alternate earning opportunities to help support them as they pursue their dreams.

Owning a successful at-home bakery takes 1 ⁄ 3 cup of patience, 2 tablespoons of tenacity, and a whole lot of flexibility. “Starting my at-home bakery was a dream come true!” said Lyaja (Lyaja’s Little Loves, Washington, D.C.). “Being a small business owner means that you’re always working, always thinking about the needs of the company, and how it can flourish,” said Lyaja. “Being a [shopper with Shipt] has given me the time, space, and energy to be the entrepreneur that I want to be.” 

When COVID-19 hit, Scott and his wife were unsure about the future of their indoor play facility. Inspired by their daughter, the We Rock The Spectrum: Kid’s Gym (Oklahoma) is a play facility for children with special needs. A staple in their community, it was critical for Scott and his family to find a way to keep their business alive. Since he started shopping with Shipt in 2020, Scott has been able to supplement his family’s income in addition to starting a non-profit dedicated to providing support for special needs families. 

Similarly to Scott and his family, wedding photographer Erika (It Clicks Photo LLC, Michigan) has been able to maintain a steady income during the off-season while she finds new and creative ways to promote her business. “As a photographer, my income is dependent on client work and sometimes that can be scary,” she said. “Being a [shopper with Shipt] helps alleviate those fears while giving me the room to find creative ways to expand my business.”  

Small businesses feed our families, employ our young people, and bring pride to our communities. As Shipt continues to grow we are honored to support small business owners like Andrew, Scott, Erika, and Lyaja. Through the flexibility of app-based work and commitments like LadderUp, an accelerator program that provides capital and mentorship to help small businesses** thrive, we are committed to shepherding the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

*Based on a nationwide survey of 744 shoppers conducted March - April 2023.
**LadderUp provides opportunities for retailers in the following categories: grocery/beverage, health, beauty, and floral/gifts. 

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