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Shipt Steps Up to Ease the Burden of High Gas Prices for Shoppers

May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022

Shipt Steps Up to Ease the Burden of High Gas Prices for Shoppers

We know record-high gas prices are top of mind for Shipt Shoppers, because they’ve been top of mind for us here at Shipt HQ. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we’ve invested and rolled out a number of actions that provide relief to Shipt Shoppers.

UPDATED May 20, 2022: Shipt extended its investment with Upside (formally known as GetUpside) through September 5, which helps shoppers save at the pump this summer during continued high gas prices. Any Shipt Shopper who has not redeemed their unique Upside promo code will now have additional time to access at least 35 cents per gallon cash back on their next four fill ups. We’ll also offer the special discount to any new Shipt Shopper who has completed at least one order through September 5. 

Posted April 8,2022: Boosted GetUpside Investment: Gas programs are the most used perk in Shipt’s Shopper Perks program, both in sign-ups and regular use. And Shipt has decided to invest more in our partnership with GetUpside, so Shipt Shoppers can get more cash back when filling up this month.

Shipt Shoppers who have completed at least one order in the last 30 days or complete one order through May 6 will receive access to at least 35 cents per gallon cash back on their next four fill-ups through May 6. On top of this, Shipt Shoppers may find even more savings from GetUpside in the app, such as a new sign-on bonus or market specific incentives, for example. 

So what does this mean in shopper savings? Let’s say a shopper fills up a 15-gallon tank and takes advantage of Shipt’s additional investment in GetUpside on their next four fill-ups between now and May 6. Shipt Shoppers could save at least $20 cash back on gas. Shipt also continues to offer Shipt Shoppers a gas discount through its partnership with GasBuddy. 

Fill Up Bonus: We also rewarded our busiest shoppers over the past 30 days with a one time bonus of $35-150 as a way to share our gratitude and contribute directly to their wallets. 

Encouraging Tipping: When customers place orders, they’ll soon see new in-app messaging that reminds them about how meaningful tips can be to Shipt Shoppers, especially during a time like this. As always, 100% of customer tips go directly to Shipt Shoppers. 

Shipt has long prioritized supporting Shipt Shoppers for all the great work they do in their communities. We aim to maintain a flexible working model for shoppers, while doing what we can to help their day-to-day. Last year, Shipt revamped its Shopper Perks by adding six more partners to the program that provides shoppers with access to discounts on auto insurance, vehicle maintenance discounts, personal health and pet insurance, gym memberships, and more.

We continue to monitor the price of gas closely and are staying connected to feedback from shoppers, customers and retail partners. 

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