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Shipt’s Shoppable Halloween Trend Report Brings the Magic to the Season’s Most Popular Costumes, Candy and Decor

Oct 11, 2022
Oct 11, 2022

Shipt’s Shoppable Halloween Trend Report Brings the Magic to the Season’s Most Popular Costumes, Candy and Decor

Predicting an upwards tick in Halloween retail sales, Shipt is releasing the most popular candies, trending costumes and must-have decorations to help consumers navigate the busy retail landscape

Shipt, the same-day delivery company and shopping accomplice is helping consumers navigate the magical Halloween season. With Halloween spending expected to spike to over $10.6 billion this year, the go-to shopping accomplice is releasing the first-ever Shipt Halloween Trend Report – a shoppable list of costumes, candies and decor to bring the magic this Halloween season. 

To inform the Halloween Trend Report, Shipt used proprietary data and polled Halloween fanatics across the country to uncover where consumers are seeking inspiration for costumes this year, as well as how they’ll decorate and what they’re planning to pass out to trick-or-treaters this year. 

Taking insights from the survey, Shipt then tapped world's leading manufacturer of confections, Mars Wrigley, and Halloween Hosting Specialist, actress and mom-of-two, Jamie Chung, to further dig into this year’s hottest trends and predictions. 

“It’s no secret that consumers continue to adjust to an ever-changing retail landscape, and Halloween always brings questions around what candy to purchase, which costumes are trending and what are this year’s newest, can’t miss decor items,” said Shipt Chief Business Officer Rina Hurst. “Our Halloween Trend Report not only taps into this year’s most popular Halloween must-haves, but also helps consumers navigate the busy retail season and save money.”

The Shipt 2022 Halloween Trend Report top predictions include:

COSTUMES: The majority of consumers (57%) will look to classic movies and television shows for their costume ideas. According to Jamie Chung, Shipt’s Halloween Specialist, here are three ways to incorporate this trend into your costume this year:  

  • For the Power Duo: Clueless: “A boring Halloween costume? As if! Throw on some Y2K pieces to replicate the nostalgia the movie Clueless brings.”

  • For Marvel Fans: Thor: Love and Thunder: “Call your trusty Stormbreaker or Mjolnir and head off to Asgard for the ultimate costume to embody the strength of Thor or the Mighty Jane Foster.”

  • For the Team Ready to Take Flight: Top Gun: “Perfect for Mavericks everywhere, take a simple approach by grabbing your aviators and bomber jacket to make for an easy look for all members of the flight crew.”

CANDY: “Halloween is such an exciting and fun time of year for people of all ages – but we also know that any shopping holiday is stressful and overwhelming in today’s world,” said Mars Wrigley Chief Halloween Officer Tim LeBel. “Together with Shipt, we found that 87 percent of households run out of candy for trick-or-treaters within the first three hours of Halloween night. In order to help consumers be better prepared for the busiest candy night of the year, we are thrilled to bring back our Candy Calculator - a proprietary tool that helps identify how much candy to purchase according to the size of your neighborhood.”

Here are the top treats to add to your Shipt shopping cart according to region:

  • Share Size Me, Please: The top 15 cities that purchase the most share-sized candy bars are Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, Miami, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Orlando, Boston, Seattle and Denver.

  • #1 Chocolate Lover: Minnesota is the biggest candy-loving state, buying the most chocolate for Halloween.

  • And the winner is… M&M’S®: According to Shipt’s Halloween Trend Report, the most popular Halloween candy nationwide are M&M’S®.

And for more candy choices, visit Shipt’s custom Mars Wrigley candy shopping list on

DECOR: This year, the magic of Halloween will transform every part of the home, with nearly half of Americans (44%) planning to decorate both indoors and outdoors this year. 

“One of my favorite things about Halloween is the decor – from hosting pumpkin carving parties, to hanging cobwebs outside, to lighting festive candles for a movie night, we always go all out for Halloween,” said Jamie Chung. 

According to Shipt’s Halloween Trend Report, the most popular decor theme you’ll see this year is magic. Here are three ways to bring this trend to life at home, according to Jamie Chung:

  • Decorate in Unexpected Places: “I love Halloween decorations that have an element of surprise – using the fireplace and mantle as a blank canvas is a fun and creative opportunity! Decor like spider web garlands, floating ghosts and bat decals can make for a festive backdrop.”

  • Be Extra: “#1 rule for Halloween decorating? Go all out. Hang ghosts from trees in your front yard, use dry ice for a witchy cauldron in your kitchen, and place illuminating jack-o-lanterns around the house to cast fun shapes and shadows at night. Halloween is the perfect time to up the design ante.” 

  • Don’t Be Afraid to DIY: “Your Halloween decorations don’t have to be perfect. In fact, they shouldn’t be. Don’t be afraid to DIY your Halloween decor so the whole family can get in on the fun. This Halloween is going to be all about magical finger-painting in our house and I can’t wait.” 

Whether consumers are planning to stay in and watch a movie, trick-or-treat or host a Halloween Bash, this season will bring more decorations, more costumes, more candy – and with Shipt’s Halloween Trend Report – less stress. 

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Shipt Halloween Trend Report
Shipt Halloween Trend Report

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