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Shipt Honors Shoppers on National Parents’ Day

Jul 18, 2022
Jul 18, 2022

Shipt Honors Shoppers on National Parents’ Day

Many of our 300,000 Shipt Shoppers are parents and shop for Shipt for the flexibility they need as they care for their families.  

With National Parents’ Day coming up on July 24, Shipt asked shoppers to share what being a parent and a shopper means to them. Shipt’s diverse and unique community of shoppers represents families of all kinds, and Shipt is excited to share six stories from just a few of our outstanding parent shoppers.  

Gabe, Alabama 

Gabe Shipt Shopper

Gabe, who has been Shipt shopping for more than three years, says his family is close, and he loves spending time with his kids.

“It’s truly a blessing to watch my children grow up and achieve success in their lives. Knowing that I have a significant impact in their development means everything to me.” 

Gabe left his 20-year career to take care of his son who was diagnosed with autism and began Shipt shopping as a way to earn income on a flexible schedule. 

“I used to place work with the utmost importance in my life until my youngest son was diagnosed with autism. It was a life changing moment in my life. I quickly realized that work wasn't as important to me anymore and I needed to focus my energy and attention into helping my son in his journey with autism.”

Now, Gabe spends more time with his family and shops to earn income when it makes sense. 

“Shipt's flexible work hours have enabled me to provide for my son and his needs first and foremost while still being able to work when I am able to and bring home a steady income to provide for my family.”

Mandy, Oklahoma

Mandy Shipt Shopper

With one son still in college, Mandy notes the flexibility of being a Shipt Shopper allows her to prioritize what matters to her most - her family.

“My kids and I do everything together - from holding season tickets to our favorite football team, to traveling to our favorite destinations. Shipt enables that. I’m proud to be an active part of my children’s lives - even though they’re growing up!” 

Mandy, as she remembered a special day when she was able to connect with her son without having to ask off of work, said, “Just the other week, my son called me and asked me to lunch - and I made it happen. Being able to change my schedule to accommodate these special moments means the world - it’s not something I would have with a traditional 9 to 5.” 

Max, Florida

Max Shipt Shopper

After being laid off due to the pandemic, Max turned to Shipt to earn extra money for his family. 

“I became a Shipt Shopper to support my family during the pandemic… what was something to earn a little extra money has become something that is keeping us afloat.” 

Max loves being a dad and has been able to spend more time with his family since he began shopping with Shipt. 

“Shipt has given me the opportunity to have more time with my family. I am home every night for dinner. Also, we can take vacations whenever we want.” 

When asked what his favorite part of being a father was, Max said that he loved watching his kids develop personalities and become little people. Since becoming a father, work has taken on a new significance for him. 

“The whole reason I work is to support my family and provide them with an enjoyable life.”

Kimberly, TexasKimberly Shipt Shopper

Kimberly shops to provide her children with extra support – all three of them! Kimberly began shopping in 2019 after one of her daughters was diagnosed with a kidney disease and needed more time and attention. 

“I appreciated Shipt because I could shop during the day and spend the night with her in the hospital afterward. I had the power to set my schedule, and Shipt shopping was always there when I was able to shop.” 

When working previous jobs, Kimberly had a hard time getting time off when she needed to be with her family. Now, Shipt allows her to shop and help her community access the items they need at the same time. 

“I have never been as excited to go and do something. When no one else was there for me, Shipt was.”

Stacey, AlabamaStacey Shipt Shopper

Stacey is a mom and Shipt Shopper who treats her customers like she wants to be treated. 

“I think my ability as a mother/shopper superhero is great attention to detail. I take pride in knowing my customers and have even developed friendships over the years. As such, I notice when their ‘usual’ items have fallen off their list, and make sure to check-in with them to double check everything is just right. It’s the mom in me!” 

Stacey feels empowered to prioritize what matters through the flexibility of Shipt shopping. 

“Shipt empowers me to essentially be my own boss. I’m in complete control of my schedule, and, in a way, I truly have my own ‘business’ around which I can build and support my family’s needs.”

Kent, Oklahoma

Kent Shipt Shopper

When Kent became a single father, he started shopping for Shipt because it offered him the flexibility he needed to be there for his sons. 

“The flexible schedule has allowed me to work when I need to, but still be able to get to soccer games and band concerts without any hassle from an employer.” 

Kent loves investing in his children and making sure they have everything they need to be successful in life. During the pandemic, Kent saw the impact of being a Shipt Shopper not only on his family, but on others as well. 

“Working for Shipt during the quarantine made me realize my purpose in life– helping others while providing for my family makes me thankful for everything I have.” 

Not only is Kent able to be there for his family, shopping for Shipt is helping him complete his degree in nursing, too. 

Shipt wishes every parent a Happy Parents’ Day and thanks them for their outstanding service to our customers, today and every day! 

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