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Shipt Helps Procrastinators Navigate Seasonal Shopping with the “Oh Shipt! Last-Minute Holiday Guide” and Shoppable List of Must-Haves for Every Moment

Dec 1, 2022
Dec 1, 2022

Shipt Helps Procrastinators Navigate Seasonal Shopping with the “Oh Shipt! Last-Minute Holiday Guide” and Shoppable List of Must-Haves for Every Moment

With the hectic holidays in full swing, Shipt is releasing essential tips and top products to help both planners and procrastinators sleigh the shopping season no matter how close the celebration is.

Whether you’re an avid planner or a self-proclaimed procrastinator, the holiday season brings frustrations with shopping, budgeting and preparing – along with celebrating, of course. That’s why today, Shipt, an app and website connecting consumers to personal delivery from nearly 200 retailers, is helping customers navigate the hectic holiday season by releasing the “Oh Shipt! Last-Minute Holiday Guide” – a resource of holiday essentials and helpful tips on hosting and entertaining as well as cooking and baking in a pinch.

For the must-have product recommendations and advice on preparing for all the celebrations this season has to offer, Shipt tapped two Holiday Helpers - lifestyle expert Morgan Stewart McGraw and festive foodie Yumna Jawad. Their expertise, coupled with Shipt’s seasonal insights,  provide everything procrastinators will need to make their friends and family wonder if they’ve changed their last-minute ways.

“There’s no denying there’s a lot to juggle during the holiday season, especially with a constantly-changing retail landscape,” said Shipt Chief Business Officer Rina Hurst. “As a mother of two, I try to stay on top of planning as much as I can but it’s not always possible, which is why having a trusted shopping accomplice and helpful holiday shopping resource like Shipt to help me navigate the season is crucial. This year, Shipt is going all in on helping procrastinators - we know you’re out there and we’re here to make shopping and preparing easier on you so you have more time to celebrate!”

The “Oh Shipt! Last-Minute Holiday Guide” includes:


According to Shipt data, 53 percent of Americans plan to spend MORE time with friends and family compared to last year. To help get you ready to gather ‘round with loved ones is Shipt’s Holiday Helper Morgan Stewart McGraw, who is sharing her holiday hosting hacks and top production recommendations, including:

  • Vibes Are Everything: “There’s nothing like walking into a room that instantly gets you in the holiday spirit. Whether it’s festive decorations or scents that bring all the holiday feels, there’s ways to bring aspects of the holiday season into every event, big or small.”

  • Make Your Guests Feel Special: “The holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones. Add a little extra touch by sending heartfelt invitations and setting up nameplates at dinner to make every family member feel seen and special.”

  • Eat, Drink and Be Merry: “While the food is the focal point of any holiday get together, the right table setting can take your meal up a notch. Whether you’re serving a baked-from-scratch pie or a store-bought one (we won’t tell), use holiday themed tableware and napkins to take your party to the next level.”

A few of Morgan’s top hosting recommendations include: Our Place Nora 65-Piece Flatware Set, Threshold’s Porcelain Chip and Dip Bowl Set and Our Table’s Hayden 5-Piece Lazy Susan Serving Set - all of which are shoppable directly via the Shipt app.


Over 30 percent of Americans noted they are planning to host three to five holiday events this season. To help ease the stress, Shipt Holiday Helper, Yumna Jawad, is sharing her top tips and product recommendations to savor the flavor of the holidays: 

  • Consolidate Where You Can: “Cooking for a crowd can get messy with dirty pots, pans and bowls galore invading your space. Consolidate where you can by taking full advantage of multi-use cookware, like casserole dishes and large cooking sheets that allow you to mix, bake and serve with one dish!”  

  • Minimize That Mess: “Post cooking clean-up can put a damper on your evening. Make the process easier by cleaning up as you go and making small adjustments to save time later. For example, line your baking sheet with tin foil or put your carving board on a sheet pan to catch the mess!”

A few of Yumna’s favorite top product recommendations for cooking enthusiasts are below. 


December 17 is the last day to shop to get items by Christmas via ground shipping, but have no fear, procrastinators! Shipt will be helping customers with last-minute deliveries all the way through 5-6pm local time on December 24. 

Provided by Shipt and our trusted Holiday Helpers, these gifts recommendations can go from the store to your door in as little as one hour without compromising the quality of your cheer-spreading:

Saving the holidays for procrastinators everywhere, the “Oh Shipt! Last-Minute Holiday Guide” will ensure consumers have all the essentials for every kind of celebration this season. To help our customers even more, for Cyber Week, Shipt will be offering a 50 percent discount on annual Shipt memberships for new and existing customers with inactive annual memberships running through December 4. The tech company will also be offering free delivery off a first order of $10 or more using the promo code GETSHIPT through the end of the year.

To find more information on Shipt, download the Shipt app, visit and follow Shipt on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For visuals and media assets, download our press kit here.

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