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Shipt Delivers What You Want Most This Flu Season: Your "Mom"

Feb 13, 2020
Feb 13, 2020

Shipt Delivers What You Want Most This Flu Season: Your "Mom"

The membership-based delivery service is hosting “Shipt Me My Mom” – a sweepstakes that will deliver a loved one straight to your door

Let’s face it: coming down with the flu is pure misery. And while in the midst of peak flu activity1, leading same-day delivery marketplace Shipt is delivering what many want most… their mom2. Yes, that’s right. Read on. 

When you get sick, get Shipt. 

Shipt Me My Mom Sweepstakes: Through a user-friendly app and a local network of reliable shoppers, Shipt makes it easy to get whatever you need, delivered straight to your door in as soon as an hour. Now, you can have your mom delivered, too. From now until the end of the month, anyone feeling under the weather can enter the “Shipt Me My Mom” sweepstakes for a chance to win a visit from mom. And by “mom,” we mean anyone you deem as that person – it can by your dad, grandma, godfather, aunt, brother, best friend, partner, etc.  

“Shipt is all about getting things delivered to people when they need it most,” said Kelly Caruso, CEO of Shipt. “So when we thought about what many people want most when they’re sick, we thought why not deliver the person who knows how best to take care of them and what’s going to make them feel better? For me, there’s nothing I want more than a loved one bringing me a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup.”

Mom’s Top Flu Remedy Picks: Beyond having the chance to get your “mom” delivered, use Shipt to get everything to help you feel better when battling sickness. Bonus: check out Shipt’s blog post for the top purchased items during peak flu season last year like tissues, pain relievers and cough syrup – all delivered by Shipt Shoppers from participating retailers so you can stay in bed to get the rest you need.

Branding Evolution

Whether delivering groceries or “mom,” Shipt is over-delivering delivery by rapidly expanding its footprint and breaking into new retail verticals to best serve its customers and provide them with what they need. To better represent who the company is and where it’s headed, Shipt revealed a refreshed brand look and feel including a new logo reflective of its approachable, people-first personality and mission. 

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2“Mom” meaning, the person that cares for you when you want it most – whether that’s dad, grandma, a godfather, aunt, brother, friend, partner etc.

About Shipt

Shipt is a retail tech company that connects people to reliable, high-quality delivery with a personal touch. Through the power of technology, Shipt connects customers to the things they want from the stores they love, workers to new earning opportunities, and retail businesses to more satisfied customers. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Shipt brings people the flexible solutions they need with the above-and-beyond service they expect. Shipt is an independently operated subsidiary of Target Corp. and available in more than 5,000 U.S. cities. For more information, please visit Shipt’s Newsroom.

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