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Shipt and CaringBridge Partner to Support Families Going Through Health Journeys

Aug 9, 2021
Aug 9, 2021

Shipt and CaringBridge Partner to Support Families Going Through Health Journeys

Whether returning to the office or continuing to balance work from home, the same-day delivery service makes it easy for caregivers to ask for and receive essential goods and groceries.

Same-day delivery service Shipt and the nonprofit CaringBridge today announced a new partnership to make it easier for families going through health journeys to ask for much-needed help – and for their loved ones to give that help by having goods and groceries delivered. One in five Americans identify as a caregiver, and the pandemic has already presented unique challenges that increased burnout and fatigue for many. The partnership comes at a time when caregivers and those going through health journeys continue to adapt, whether working from home or facing a return to the office. 

With Shipt’s integration into the CaringBridge website, a user on a health journey or caregiver with a personal site can easily communicate essentials they need. A loved one who would like to help can then order the items and have them delivered straight to their friend or family member’s door. 

“At Shipt, we take a people-first approach and intentionally seek partnerships that align with our values.”
Rina Hurst, Chief Business Officer at Shipt

“Our partnership with CaringBridge not only allows us to deliver on a need by simplifying the lives of our existing customers who identify as caregivers, but also sparks new connections for any family going through a health journey to ask for and receive instrumental support," said Hurst. 

Whether unable to run to the store due to illness or caring for someone from afar while at work, Shipt has heard from customers who identify as a caregiver and use the service for convenience and the personal touch.   

Wendy West, a Shipt customer in Indiana, shared, “Shipt helped me through my mother's illness. Having last minute meals that she could eat was vital. From pork chops to Jello - her food choices changed because of how her medication affected her appetite and Shipt brought those food choices to my front door without having to leave the house.” 

“Our priority is to ensure no one goes through a health journey alone,” said Tia Newcomer, Chief Executive Officer at CaringBridge. “We’re excited to partner with Shipt and tap into its network of trusted personal shoppers who we know will go above and beyond to get items delivered to our users.”

To help ease the caregiving burden as many face continued stress with returns to office and school, Dr. Archelle Georgiou offers tips on how caregivers can take care of themselves and ask for help: 

  • Self-care. When you’re busy taking care of someone and balancing a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. It’s critical to maintain your own health and well-being by prioritizing eating a balanced diet, getting seven to nine hours of sleep, and exercising (doing anything from gardening to biking).
  • Ask for Flexibility at Work. Caregiving itself can become its own full-time job. Consider sitting down with your manager and explaining the situation to see if there are any areas you can have more flexibility, whether it be remote work opportunities or a shifting of work hours.
  • Rally Your Community for Support. If you’re supporting someone on a health journey you shouldn’t go through that challenging time alone, and you may be surprised at how others are willing to jump in and help - if you just ask. CaringBridge is a great tool to help rally your community and let them know what you need, like getting your weekly groceries or wellness essentials delivered via Shipt.

To order groceries or essentials for a loved one via Shipt, CaringBridge users can visit the “Ways to Help” page. Once logged in, select Shipt, and follow the steps, including checking availability in preferred zip code and coordinating delivery timing, items to order, and recipient’s contact information to ensure a smooth delivery. 

For more details on the partnership, visit the CaringBridge FAQ.

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