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RECAP: Shipt Reflects on its Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations: Embracing Our "Mas Que" (More Than)

Nov 16, 2023
Nov 16, 2023

RECAP: Shipt Reflects on its Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations: Embracing Our "Mas Que" (More Than)

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15) marked a special time to reflect on and celebrate the diverse cultural heritage and significant contributions of Hispanic and Latinx individuals worldwide. At Shipt, it was more than just a series of festivities, it was a meaningful occasion to pay tribute to the traditions, historical accomplishments, and ongoing influence of this vibrant community. 

Our teams proudly celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month under the theme of “Mas Que" (More Than). This theme, chosen by Shipt’s Hispanic Affinity Group and community, Mi Gente, recognized the depth of Hispanic identities and explored the intersectionality that defines the community. 

Community Events

Shipt was a proud returning sponsor of Fiesta Birmingham, Alabama's flagship celebration of Hispanic culture and heritage. Known for its vibrant music, mouthwatering cuisine, joyful festivities, and, most importantly, community, Shipt team members and their families took part in the festivities. In addition to sponsoring the event, and for the second year running, Mi Gente had the privilege of presenting a scholarship award to a college sophomore to support their education aspirations and development into the next generation of leaders.

"Hispanic heritage is not just for Hispanic people. And celebrating that heritage is about showing the invisible and intangible aspects of our everyday life," said Chris L., shopper growth manager at Shipt. "Hispanic Heritage Month is for our community, of course — but it's also for non-Latinx  people to experience not only the high points of our diverse diaspora but also the nuances of how we operate in the wider culture of the U.S."

Learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month and hear what it means to the Hispanic members of our team in this video. 

Shipt Team Member Engagement Events

Shipt team members came together to learn and talk about meaningful topics within the community, as well as spend time encouraging and supporting one another.

Data Science Manager Rene V. led Shipt team members on a culinary journey with a cooking class that delved into the art of crafting his family recipe, Taquitos Dorado. In addition to the delicious food, Rene shared the history and cherished traditions that accompany the dish, reminding us to recognize culinary roots and the importance of sharing our cultural heritage through food.

Team members shared a night of camaraderie and friendly competition playing Loteria Mexicana, a game reminiscent of BINGO. The game holds a special place in Mexican households and is a staple of family gatherings. Shopper Growth Manager Chris L. and Experiential Operations Bilingual Specialist Yulexi P. brought the game to life - both at Shipt HQ and virtually - inviting our full team to take part in this fun-filled pastime.

To celebrate and recognize the intersectionality of our community, Shipt hosted an Afro-Latino panel discussion featuring Shipt team members. We discussed the lived experiences, the hurdles and the beauty of bridging the African/Black (Afro) and Latino identities. This panel discussion served as a poignant reminder that each of us is “Mas Que” (More Than). 

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, our San Francisco and Birmingham lunch tables transformed into vibrant showcases of Mexican, Peruvian and Dominican/Latino cuisines. We savored the flavors of Sol y Luna, Sabor Latino, Luna, Panzon, Limon and Artesano. These weekly takeovers allowed us to indulge in a diverse array of dishes, reinforcing the idea that our heritage is "Mas Que" (More Than) any single flavor or tradition.

We extend our gratitude to the entire Shipt community for joining us in celebrating "Mas Que" and our Hispanic team members over the months of September and October. Your participation, support and shared experiences have strengthened our commitment to making Shipt an even more vibrant and welcoming community. 

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