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Meet a Shipt Shopper Couple on National Couple's Day

Aug 18, 2022
Aug 18, 2022

Meet a Shipt Shopper Couple on National Couple's Day

Many Shipt Shoppers have a community of other shoppers they know and love, and some are even married to fellow shoppers!

The Shipt Shopper community is comprised of many diverse voices, experiences, and perspectives – making each and every shopper unique. Some shoppers are dating or married to other Shipt Shoppers, making the shopping experience one they can share. 

Married in 2018 and based in Georgia, you can typically find Robin shopping orders for Shipt customers, while his husband Zac spends most hours in his independent art studio. 

Zac is a new shopper, inspired by Robin this year to sign up, and shops when he has extra time outside his full-time pursuit of art. Robin is a five-star rated shopper with over 50 preferred customers and is passionate about his shopping. 

Robin began shopping after realizing he wanted more understanding and flexibility from his job after his mother died. He said that shopping with Shipt has offered the ease of setting his schedule throughout the day. 

Robin also feels a sense of belonging and understanding from the community he’s gained through shopping, noting that he feels accepted for who he is as he shops. “Growing up in the 90s in small-town South Carolina, there was a constant worry about what other people would think. Now, living in Georgia and interacting with customers, store workers and other Shipt Shoppers is one of the most open and accepting feelings I’ve had.” 

Robin hit 5,000 shops this year and because he always shared his Shipt experience with Zac as he shopped – he convinced Zac to start shopping part-time as well, supporting him through his first ten trips. Now, they both have shopping as common ground.

Robin remarked, “It’s nice that we have Shipt shopping to discuss and bond over. When he did his first shop about a year ago, I made sure that we were scheduled on the same day and accepted orders at the same store at the same time. I then gave him one of my Shipt t-shirts and a pep-talk with some of the best tips and tricks (like checking the end caps of aisles for hidden products!). He did great!” 

Zac, now an established shopper in his own right, was happy to have Robin on his team as he began shopping with Shipt. “I understood early on that there were a lot of moving parts in a shop, but it felt like I got to skip the stress with Robin supporting me while he went about his own shops.”

Both Zac and Robin enjoy Shipt shopping for the challenge and flexibility. Zac can pursue his art and both can shop at times that work for them.

Robin noted that while other jobs he’s had have not always felt the most supportive to him, “Shipt always has my back. Being a Shipt Shopper has challenged me to grow and learn.”

And even though Zac focuses on his art most of the time, he feels that his own experiences as a Shipt Shopper help him understand Robin and his day-to-day life. “It’s one thing to know on paper what the job entails, but you don’t truly know until you’ve done it yourself with your own hands. I can say I’ve worn his shoes for a short while and can relate exactly to what he goes through when he shops.” 

Robin and Zac are a little closer because of their shared experience with Shipt, and the flexibility of their work gives them the freedom to make time for what’s most important to them. Shipt is proud of the diverse community of shoppers that serve customers across the country. Thanks for your work, Robin and Zac!

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