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Introducing Alia Kemet, Shipt’s New Chief Marketing Officer

Mar 23, 2023
Mar 23, 2023

Introducing Alia Kemet, Shipt’s New Chief Marketing Officer

In October 2022, Shipt proudly announced the hiring of Alia Kemet as Chief Marketing Officer. She brings 25 years of experience leading creative and strategic marketing teams to promote brands and products that enhance the lives of those that use them. Alia is a marketer, leader, mother, and much more.

Let’s get to know this dynamic leader! 

What drew you to join Shipt’s leadership team?

I was first attracted to Shipt because I love retail and technology. I’m a retailer at heart who gets excited about the idea of a satisfied customer whose life is made better because of access to the things they need. Shipt is a company that is uniquely positioned to solve problems in an ever-evolving modern retail environment. While there are other same-day delivery solutions, Shipt’s distinct strength lies in our unique care, quality and service. 

I also knew I wanted to work somewhere where authenticity mattered. Throughout the recruitment process at Shipt, I became very confident in the culture of belonging that has been built here and continues to remain a priority. Seeing diverse talent at the highest level of leadership was impactful to me. It was clear very early on that the Shipt leadership table was one where I would be proud to sit.

Tell us more about you and your early career journey.

I can’t think of a more impactful decision that shaped me than attending Howard University, one of the most prestigious historically Black colleges and universities in the 90s. I was extremely involved in campus life, learning and soaking up every opportunity to begin my career. Early on I was hired to work for Nike as a campus rep and this helped me fall in love with marketing. I feel like I received two degrees– one from Howard and the other from Nike. I was also the Nike Intern to the Women’s National Basketball Association during the inaugural year of the WNBA. As a Nike student rep, I was running major promotions for Nike on Howard's campus and the broader DC area before I was twenty years old. From there I went on to roles at Whole Foods, IKEA, and McCormick where I used my experience connecting with consumers to build brand momentum, buzz and ultimately brand growth. 

Why did a career in marketing appeal to you?

I think I’ve been a marketer since I was 14 when I was hired in my first job in fashion retail where I  dressed the front store windows in a women's clothing store. I learned targeting, customer engagement, merchandising and the creative process at a very young age. I also learned (as you do in retail) the importance of goal setting and crushing big goals became my favorite thing to do. This experience placed me on a path to marketing. It’s where I fell in love with consumers and I’ve been working for brands ever since. 

What do you see as an area that needs improvement in our industry or culture? 

I want to see the marketing and advertising industry diversify. I am really disappointed with the slow progress in building ethnically diverse marketing teams both on the brand and especially the agency side over the last 20 years. This is particularly problematic when it comes to the lack of Black marketers, which has created a disconnect between the way the industry is leveraging Black culture creatively and Black culture in real life. 

What are three things that make you, you?

I am enthusiastic and passionate about the work that I do, I always seek to empower others to be their true and best selves, and I’m a mom. My Twitter bio says “A mother and a marketer in that order.” 

Lastly, what is in your Shipt cart?

I often have avocados in my Shipt order. I love that I can be very specific (2 ripe, 3 hard) and my shopper will get them just like I request them. My 12 year-old-daughter, Hasanah, orders all of her school snacks from Target through Shipt and I really appreciate that I don’t have to do it. She just does it herself every week…although I have to spot check sometimes because she has snuck in a couple of junk items when I wasn’t looking. 

Welcome to Shipt, Alia!

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