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Have I Told You Reese-ently That I Love You?

Feb 11, 2022
Feb 11, 2022

Have I Told You Reese-ently That I Love You?

Shipt data reveals which states are the “bougiest” with their chocolate choices surrounding Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like macaroni & cheese, peanut butter and jelly and ice cream and sprinkles. At least we here at Shipt believe so after analyzing data between February 8 and 14, 2021 which shows 66% of total category sales was chocolate purchases. Can you say, “I love you a choco-lot?” 

Speaking of one’s love for chocolate, chances are if you live out West in states like Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California or New Mexico you’ll be indulging in “bougier” chocolate around Valentine’s Day compared to your friends or family who reside in the Southeast. Why that is, well, that’s still to be determined. All we know is that the “bougie” states prefer more decadent chocolate brands such as Ghirardelli, Brookside, Ferrero Rocher, Godiva, Lindt and Lindor. 

Although right behind chocolate sales is hard/gummy candy at 16% during the same time period. This only proves that no matter where your state lands in the “bougie” category, we are confident that your Valentine’s Day is sure to be a sweet one! 

Full ranking of most bougie to least bougie state in terms of high end chocolate sales through Shipt surrounding Valentine’s Day 

  1. Hawaii 

  2. Washington 

  3. Oregon 

  4. California 

  5. New Mexico 

  6. Nevada 

  7. New Hampshire 

  8. New York 

  9. Rhode Island 

  10. Colorado 

  11. Utah 

  12. Massachusetts

  13. Maine 

  14. D.C. 

  15. Missouri 

  16. Minnesota 

  17. Virginia  

  18. South Carolina 

  19. Maryland 

  20. Arizona 

  21. Iowa 

  22. Delaware 

  23. Texas

  24. Illinois 

  25. Michigan 

  26. North Carolina 

  27. Wisconsin 

  28. Oklahoma 

  29. South Dakota 

  30. New Jersey 

  31. Louisiana 

  32. Indiana 

  33. Florida 

  34. Arkansas

  35. Nebraska 

  36. Kentucky 

  37. Ohio 

  38. Pennsylvania 

  39. Tennessee 

  40. Kansas 

  41. Alabama 

  42. Georgia 

  43. Mississippi 

  44. West Virginia  

  45. Connecticut 

*Idaho, North Dakota, Montana and Vermont are excluded in the overall ranking due to not enough chocolate sales data during the given time period. Alaska and Wyoming were excluded due to not servicing the state. 

*Internal teams compared each state's "bougie" share to the total Shipt "bougie" share to create the index

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