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From Shipt Shopper to Small Biz Owner: Empowering Female Entrepreneurship

Mar 17, 2022
Mar 17, 2022

From Shipt Shopper to Small Biz Owner: Empowering Female Entrepreneurship

In honor of Women’s History Month, Shipt Shopper Tiffany shares how Shipt and the fearless women in her family are enabling her next chapter of entrepreneurship

Women’s History Month marks a definitive moment-in-time to honor the women in our lives. This year, to celebrate our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, leaders, community members and female Shipt Shoppers everywhere, we’re spotlighting the entrepreneurial story of shopper Tiffany from Minnesota - as well as the inspiring women in her family.

Most days you can find Tiffany dashing from stores to customers’ homes, shopping and delivering Shipt orders. That’s because in her role as a Shipt Shopper, she’s able to not only help others, something that brings her joy, but she can simultaneously chase her entrepreneurial dreams. 

“I love Shipt shopping - the flexibility it provides has enabled me to take care of myself and my family on my own terms," said Tiffany. 

Before becoming a Shipt Shopper, Tiffany worked for a child care company and prior to that was a bank manager. She says both roles allowed her to learn great customer service skills and form meaningful relationships, but the rigid schedule was not a good fit for her. That’s when she learned about Shipt shopping and decided to give it a try. 

“Shipt has been the perfect job for me to fill the financial gaps needed to keep my focus on what’s next," said Tiffany. 

For Tiffany, that next step is starting a childcare recruitment company. She says, after working in child care, she saw a significant need to start a business that finds highly qualified substitutes to cover for employee sick days and sudden departures. Yet, in the past she didn’t have the time, energy or financial support needed to launch her company. However, as a Shipt Shopper she is one step closer to making that dream a reality. 

“Child care is a female-dominated industry. And, as women already wear many hats, we are the first to put our families and businesses selflessly before ourselves. In launching my company, we will provide women with the tools needed to promote self worth, strengthen their sense of self and become advocates for one another - something that Shipt has helped me do for myself," said Tiffany. 

Entrepreneurship takes a foundation of support, resilience and determination. For Tiffany, inspiration is found in the women of her family and their remarkable stories - of which Women’s History Month serves as a profound reminder.

“The women in my family are truly superheroes. As Bosnian refugees, they have navigated a civil war, concentration camps, and ultimately immigration to both Germany and the US - a testament to the resilience, strength and courage of women throughout history. Today, I greatly admire their work ethic, and strive to further become an example which reflects the strong women they are," said Tiffany 

While Tiffany’s is just one story, the vast majority of our Shipt Shopper community is women. To these ‘superheroes’ that make what we do possible, we say thank you - both today and every day. 

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