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Engineering Intern Spotlight: Meet Clint Campbell

Sep 23, 2021
Sep 23, 2021

Engineering Intern Spotlight: Meet Clint Campbell

Each summer, college students descend upon Shipt (this time from the comfort of their homes) to immerse themselves in Shipt’s company culture and absorb practical knowledge they’ll take with them on their career journeys.

There’s always a whirlwind of excitement when Shipt welcomes a new batch of college interns eager to put their classroom knowledge to practical use. At Shipt, we offer internship programs in disciplines like Marketing, Operations, and Product. However, since 2019, Shipt has received thousands of applications for its Technology internships, making it one of the most competitive programs in the company. Who wouldn’t want a chance to learn from a company growing as fast as we are? 

Tech interns tackle everything from developing sophisticated predictive and machine learning models to conducting ad-hoc research to working with engineers on service development and deployments and presenting results to functional teams. This experience is in the weeds and gives interns hands-on experience on real-life projects. 

“What makes our tech internship program here at Shipt so desirable is that interns are integrated into our teams and are provided the opportunity to contribute to real-time projects and even see some of their projects go live on our platform.”
Amber Burrell, Shipt campus recruiter

Shipt’s tech internships also serve as a pipeline that helps Shipt find the very best up-and-coming entry-level talent. This year alone, more than half of tech interns either received a full-time role at Shipt or were offered returning internships next year.

Two Summer 2021 interns chat over Zoom  

 We caught up with Clint, one of our tech interns this year, to help shed light on his experiences. Scroll down to read more!

 Clint Campbell, Engineering Intern Summer 2021 

From Gardendale, Alabama

Studies at University of Alabama, Birmingham

During Clint's internship he worked within the infrastructure department on the Site Reliability Engineering team. He received hands-on experience monitoring mirco-services, maintaining alert services, and creating dashboards for each mirco-service so other engineers can monitor and keep track of the throughput and statistics of each service. 

What made you apply to Shipt’s internship program? I have been applying to Shipt’s intern program since I was a sophomore, so about three years. To me, Shipt is the most interesting software company in Birmingham and has so much to offer. Also, my roommate is an engineer here at Shipt and he convinced me not to give up in applying before my last summer at UAB. Sure glad I listened. 

What has been your favorite part of the internship? The people, in particular, my team. Although I was just an intern, I felt like my job was just as important as anyone else’s. 

What is your favorite aspect of the engineering field? The creative process that entangles logic, design and collaboration.

Do you plan to pursue a tech related career once you graduate? Absolutely. I never expected to love anything outside of pure software development. But I really enjoy the niches and site reliability engineering is one of the hidden gems in software development. 

What advice would you give to future interns? For starters, you are about to encounter an incredibly supportive team that will not only see that you contribute to Shipt, but will give you the tools to nurture your current skills and abilities. My advice is to dive in the deep end, because whatever you put in is what you'll get out of this internship program. Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes. I would actually encourage you to work without the fear of making mistakes, because mistakes are crucial to building on your skillset. Be kind to yourself, set your own pace, and explore.

We’re always looking for the industry’s finest to join our team. Check out job openings at Looking for an internship? Check back next year and you could join our team of professionals.

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