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Civic Engagement at Shipt: How We Show Up for Team Members and Our Communities

Aug 24, 2021
Aug 24, 2021

Civic Engagement at Shipt: How We Show Up for Team Members and Our Communities

Shipt’s core belief is that every person counts, and we believe that civic engagement is an important way to live out that purpose. With local elections on the horizon in Birmingham and cities across the country, all Shipt HQ team members have the opportunity to take paid time off to vote and to volunteer at their local polling stations. 

We’ve heard some amazing and insightful stories from team members about their volunteer experiences. Take a few minutes to meet a couple of them and learn more below:

Nan Wagner, Marketing Manager

I chose to volunteer at the polls because: “It was the most I could do to support my community during an uncertain and chaotic time. We all knew that many of the ‘usual’ poll workers would not be volunteering because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I wanted to do my part in making sure that all poll locations were fully staffed to give everyone the opportunity to vote.”

One takeaway from my experience was: “There were so many first-time voters of all ages, and many people were confused that the ballot had more than one office. Knowing this, I believe it is important to expand voter education and access, and I would love to see more initiatives around civic education.”

Tips for those who want to volunteer in the future: “Make sure you know the ballot well. Be prepared to explain not only the voting process but the offices and their function that are on the ballot as a non-partisan representative of the democratic process. Also, I recommend comfortable shoes, snacks, and be prepared for a long day!”

Alyson Avery, Manager, Catalog CPG Data

I volunteered as a poll worker because: “I had expressed interest in volunteering with the 2020 elections to a good friend of mine who works in local government in my county. Like many other areas, we were seeing a lot of our usual volunteers step back from volunteering with the public due to COVID-19 and being high risk. I was put in contact with the Judge of Elections of a particular district and after a brief conversation agreed to fill in for the Majority Inspector position.”

My favorite thing about volunteering at the polls was: “While the day was long, there were quite a few moments that made it completely worth it. I think the most notable was the number of people who came in and said it was their first time voting. From someone who had just turned 18 to another person who told me she was in her sixties. I did not expect to be moved so thoroughly like that, but it was pretty great to witness and be a part of the process.”

If you’d want to volunteer in the future, I recommend: “If you’re interested in volunteering in the future there are a lot of great resources out there. I would recommend looking up your state or county’s office of elections. Two specific resources are the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and WorkElections. The last resource I’ll recommend if you’re interested in learning more about elections, policy, and government would be to check out your League of Women Voters’ local chapter. They’re a great organization that is committed to publishing nonpartisan resources on candidates, especially if you are looking for information at the local level!”

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