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A Refresher on Shopper Pay

Feb 8, 2022
Feb 8, 2022

A Refresher on Shopper Pay

Shopper pay that's competitive, easy to understand and compelling.

At Shipt, we strive to be shoppers' same-day delivery company of choice. We sent this email to shoppers today to take a minute and walk through all the key components that go into shopper pay and highlight some new updates that make pay competitive and easier to understand.


One of the top questions we hear is about pay – how to understand it, what to expect from it, and what all goes into it. So, as we dive into 2022, we want to walk you through the key components of what goes into shopper pay and highlight some new updates that make pay even more competitive and easier to understand.   shopper pay                      

1. Offer Pay                   

When you review an offer, the offer card gives you an estimate of what it will pay. That offer is what we call your “Offer Pay.” Then it’s your decision if you accept that offer or not. Offer Pay rewards you for the effort it takes to complete an offer, factoring in:


Exciting Update: We’re adding a Shipt Earnings Standard in Offer Pay!

What is Shipt’s Earnings Standard? This is our guarantee that no offer will be less than $16 per hour, in every single market across the country, based on Shipt’s time and effort estimates. And in many of our busiest markets, where living costs are often higher, that earnings standard will actually be higher than $16 to more than $27 per hour in select markets. Remember, the earnings standard is just a part of Offer Pay. Your total Shipt Shopper pay includes the potential to earn bonuses and tips on top of Offer Pay.

Shipt will continue to pay by the offer, but we’ve heard you and know you want a more relatable way to understand pay. You’ll see us talking about an estimated pay per hour more this year as we roll out this standard, so you can best evaluate how to spend your time and work.

What this doesn’t mean is that offers will all pay the same. It means there is a standard that is built into the formula and used as a starting point as offers are created. And we’re still rewarding you for the effort it takes to complete an offer. Think of it as building blocks that come together to make up an offer.

More Good News! We’ve Updated the Offer Card!        

We’ve heard you say you want a more intuitive experience, so we’ve improved the offer card. We’ve shifted from showing a pay range to displaying one estimated pay number. The offer amount that is shown is the minimum you will be paid for successfully completing the offer. Now, it’s important to note that this number is not the minimum of the former range. If an offer previously came through as $13-17, this doesn’t mean you will now be offered $13. Instead, the offer pay that is displayed lands in the middle, just like it did before. This doesn’t change the pay, it just makes it easy to know what you will be paid. We tested this new offer card in a number of markets and heard from shoppers that they appreciated the new approach.     

offer card

2. Bonuses

Bonuses are additional pay opportunities when Shipt Shoppers deliver orders that meet certain requirements, such as on time, without promo, within a specific date or time range or even for a specific retailer. 

Bonuses are great for you, providing incremental pay opportunities. They’re great for retailers who are incredibly focused on ensuring their customers have an outstanding, on-time experience. And they’re great for customers who are counting on you to deliver accurately and on time.


In 2022, we’ll continue to invest even more dollars in bonus opportunities to ensure we have happy customers, retailers, and shoppers. Be on the lookout for some great ones in the coming days as we all gear up for The Big Game!

3. Tips                              

And now let’s talk about what’s possible when you deliver top notch service – completing orders on time, communicating clearly with customers, going above and beyond to navigate substitutions, and building relationships with customers – tips!

Shipt Shoppers receive 100% of customer tips. As a part of that commitment, Shipt maintains a regular auditing process before weekly payouts.


We’re continually looking for ways to encourage and help make it easier for customers to recognize you for great service. For instance, you may have noticed that we added a message on the tip screen in the app encouraging customers to “share your appreciation” and tip.

We hope you found these updates on shopper pay helpful and are excited about the investments that we’re making in setting you up for success in the year ahead.

Thank you for all you do and know we remain committed to continuing to offer you compensation that’s competitive, easy to understand and compelling.

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Information provided for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of pay.


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