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A Conversation with Johnny, July’s Shopper of the Month

Jul 7, 2022
Jul 7, 2022

A Conversation with Johnny, July’s Shopper of the Month

Shopper of the Month Johnny left his traditional 9-to-5 job to follow his dreams of filmmaking, discovering along the way Shipt’s income opportunities and flexibility for his family.

Starting in January 2022, Shipt began to recognize shoppers who go above and beyond with a Shopper of the Month shoutout on social media. Customers and shoppers are invited to nominate outstanding shoppers through an online form. Then, Shipt teams sift through all the inspiration and praise to select and recognize a new shopper each month.

Shipt’s Shopper of the Month Johnny is all about the customer. One of Johnny’s regular customers nominated him after shopping for them for more than a year, having built a rapport through their text conversations as Johnny shopped her orders. 

“I make small talk with all our customers and sometimes you just click with people and build this rapport,” said Johnny. “It’s really nice.” 

According to the customer, Johnny picked up her late-night baby formula order even though it was out of his daytime shopping routine because he wanted to help out where he could. 

“He said he felt I always took care of him so he felt he needed to do this for me. He dropped my order off late that night and I am just so very grateful for him. There’s a major difference in the attention to detail, his communication skills, and going above what most would do.” - Johnny’s customer

Johnny said “I just didn’t want her to be left hanging, especially when I saw it was primarily baby formula. So I just did what I usually do and took care of her!” 

Thanks to Johnny’s quick action and willingness to take on a little extra work, his customer got the formula she and her family needed. 

So, what did Johnny think about being selected for Shipt’s July Shopper of the Month?“It's such an honor to be recognized. I just recently passed 2,500 orders and I'm proud of the service I've provided to our wonderful members. Shipt has changed my life and every day I begin each day with a grateful heart and I think that translates to how each member feels when I shop their orders.”

Johnny says he enjoys shopping with Shipt for many reasons, including flexibility and extra time with family. “Making my own schedule has provided my family with much-needed flexibility as my wife is going through nursing school. I have three young children and the freedom of being a Shipt shopper has allowed me to be the husband and father I always aspired to be.”

When he isn’t shopping, Johnny spends time on creative pursuits. He is an aspiring filmmaker and actor and shopping has empowered him to make time for what matters to him. “It's been a passion of mine since my early teens. The flexibility of being a Shipt Shopper has allowed me to pursue this like never before. One of my films can be found on several streaming services and will air on WQPT PBS in July.”

As Shopper of the Month, we asked Johnny for some advice to share with other shoppers.

And he said that communication is key. “Greet each member before you shop, ask them how they are doing…Let them know you appreciate them.”

Thanks for all you do for your community, Johnny! To learn more about Shipt’s amazing shoppers or to sign up to become one, please visit our website. Have a shopper story to share? Click here to submit your favorite shopper for Shopper of the Month. 

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