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4 Shipt Tips to Sleigh the Holiday

Dec 20, 2021
Dec 20, 2021

4 Shipt Tips to Sleigh the Holiday

We asked Shipt Shoppers to share their favorite tips and tricks for last-minute holiday shopping prep

The holidays are upon us, and Shipt Shoppers are at-the-ready to meet your needs, from gifts to groceries and beyond. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when placing same-day delivery orders with Shipt over the next few days:

Make Your List - and Check It Twice!
Before placing your Shipt order make your list, and check it twice! From Christmas dinner to a Kwanzaa feast, it’s easy to forget the basics. Review recipes and take inventory of what you have at home, in addition to what will be needed to ensure a hassle-free holiday - big meal and all. And, even if you still left something off the order, you can ask your shopper to add it while they’re still in the store. 

Spread the Holiday Spirit - Even from Afa(la la la la)r
I often remind my customers that they can use Shipt to send gifts to loved ones throughout the country. We can deliver those gifts, without the shipping fee. And, if they need a gift receipt, just let us know.” - Richelle J., Dallas

The fun of gift giving can be shared with those who aren’t celebrating with you in person. From tech gadgets to books, Shipt Shoppers can do the holiday shopping for you and deliver gifts directly to your loved ones’ doorstep with care. And, don’t forget, if you need them to deliver a card, Shipt Shoppers are even at-the-ready to sign it as you’d like! We remind shoppers to keep a pen in their car during key holidays. 

Stock(ing) Up Early with Substitutions At-the-Ready
Having those backup items listed can help your order be shopped as quickly and efficiently as possible.” - Julie H., Gulf Coast

It’s inevitable, everyone will be looking for wrapping paper, gift bags and the like on the last few days before the Christmas holiday. Or, party hats and confetti just before New Year’s Eve. Plan to proactively note product substitutions when placing your Shipt order to ensure that a Shipt Shopper can fill as much of your order as possible.  

Don’t ‘Dropoff’ the Nice List
Detailed instructions on where to put toy deliveries so Shipt elves can help Santa make it a magical Christmas are always helpful. Getting messages that say, "oh no the kids are watching, can you leave it in the bushes, the trunk of my car, or in the garage?" are fairly frequent!” - Suzanne B., Long Island

An easy way to stay on the Nice List this year is enabling a seamless dropoff. Taking advantage of leaving detailed delivery notes helps inform shoppers of any security codes or special directions needed to drop off the order and keep your surprise…a surprise! Just remember to turn on a light and note a reference point in your instructions to help your shopper hide gifts out of sight.

Bonus Tips!
Shipt Shoppers can do more than shop the stores like a pro. Some of our shoppers double as culinary and mixology masters, and have a few tricks up their sleeve to take your holiday entertaining to the next level once the shopping is done.

  • Bake Cookies Fit for Santa:My best tip is to make sure you measure using the right measuring cups and have your ingredients at room temperature! Everyone is different - I always take my eggs, butter and baking ingredients out the night before. Also, make sure to save glass measuring cups for liquid ingredients and the regular measuring cups for dry.” - Lyaja H., Washington D.C. Shipt Shopper and a home baker

  • Go Beyond the Eggnog:I used to be a bartender and my previous experience comes in handy when I find out customers are shopping for cocktail ingredients. An easy way to take a holiday party to the next level is craft cocktails. Make sure your bar is stocked with bitters, a muddler, margarita salt and peach schnapps. These ingredients span a wide variety of cocktails, ensuring a crowd-pleaser. And, don’t forget ice, festive glassware, tongs and a shaker. Your guests will be BEYOND happy with these options.” - Jeremy F., Tampa, Florida Shipt Shopper and previously a bartender for 15 years

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